A merge conflict occurs when two or more designers working on the same file make changes that may conflict with one another. 

Let’s say for example that we are working on the IOS design for a new mobile app called Aircamp (Aircamp is actually a Trunk customer re-imagining the way that Australian’s discover campsites).

In the following example, I have been designing the mobile home screen in Sketch. Penelope has also been working on this file. We have both updated the Home art board.

My design

Penelope's design

We can fix this, easily!

When a merge conflict occurs we have a number of options.

We can:

  1. Manually choose which art boards we want to keep
  2. Choose all, to keep all changes
  3. Keep our original changes and disregard the incoming changes from Penelope.

I prefer Penelope’s design over mine, so I have manually selected her design by clicking on the art board on the right and have added a commit message to summarise my change.

That was easy, wasn’t it ?!

Just one more step to finish up. We need to do a final commit for our our resolved changes by clicking on finish changes, which will commit the changes to master.

That wraps it up!

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