At Trunk, we currently offer 3 plan types tailored towards individuals and teams.


The Free plan is suitable for anyone signing up to Trunk that wishes to try Trunk without committing to version control long term. When on the free plan, any projects that you create will be public & therefore indexed by Google.

Project settings can be updated from public to private when creating a project or under the project settings tab.

Please note that as soon as you set your project to ‘private’ that you will be automatically upgraded to the Pro Plan. For up to date pricing please visit our pricing page.


The Pro plan has been tailored for freelancers and professionals that wish to keep their work secure and private. This plan is charged on a per user basis. For up to date pricing please visit our pricing page.


The Team plan is tailored towards designers working in teams. The advantage of signing up for the Team plan over the Pro plan is that you will get priority support
& unlimited storage.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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