At Trunk we allow team members to easily post and gather feedback.

There are two places where you can do this:

Trunk Desktop App

If you’re a designer, you can post feedback directly inside the Desktop client. You can download the Desktop client from the Trunk website.

Trunk Web App

If you're a developer, client, project manager (or anyone else, you will most likely want to post feedback without having to download the desktop app. For this we have created the Trunk web app.

Adding & replying to comments

To post feedback you will first need to be inside a project, at the artboard level.

From here, write your comment and hit send. Anyone on your team will receive an immediate email notification.

To reply to someone else’s comment, simply hit the reply button.

Deleting comments

If you are the comment author you have the ability to delete a comment. Click the options menu to the right of the comment and choose the delete option.

Mentioning someone in a comment

As of release 0.1.43 you can now tag any team or project member directly in your comment.

Anyone tagged in a comment will receive an in app and email notification.

This feature is available for both Trunk web and desktop. 

Still stuck? Drop us a note.

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